July 11, 2004

The iHop Episode

So, this morning (well, actually it was more like this afternoon ;) Adam, Tara, John, Phil and I made a run to iHop for "breakfast".

For some reason which doesn't quite make sense to me the closest iHop to us is all the way over by NC State.

Firstly, we were seated just a few feet away from a table of three freshman-ish looking NC State girls, and after deep conversations involving bras, naturally one of them proceeded to reminisce about her "first time".

So, anyway, after receiving our food, and while I was working on my eggs, the healthy glob of whipped cream decided that it wanted to slide off the top of my blueberry pancakes, off the plate, off the side of the table, onto me knee, and then onto the floor.

Then of course, as I was trying to cut one of my suasage links, it sprayed my shirt with sausage juice.

Fan-TAS-tic. Definitely my morning ;)

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