February 29, 2004

Eerie Feeling

While talking to a friend of mine earlier today, I realized something.

I think that I have almost completely become the guy that I really needed to hear advice from a year ago...

I suppose that is something that we should all aspire to.

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February 27, 2004

Carolina Part 2

So, I've hardly been in North Carolina for 72 hours and I've already been to a Duke basketball game at Cameron Indoor. How cool is that!? :)

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February 23, 2004


I will be leaving for Carolina on Wednesday.

If you have anything terribly important to say to me in person, you'd better do it quick...otherwise you might just be forced to come visit me later on :)

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February 21, 2004

Vienna Teng

Vienna Teng is quite possible the perfect woman. Saw her on the CBS early show this morning. She's a software engineer turned musician...and with a name like "Vienna" no less! Apparently she's also atheist.

Vienna, if you're reading this, will you marry me?

(or am I being a bit too forward?)

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February 13, 2004

Back from Europe

Yeah, so I'm back. I got into Cleveland on wednesday.

The trip was absolutely amazing.

I have like nine rolls of film to develop and I will be posting photos and more details when I get the time. Right now I have a lot of stuff to get caught up on...

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