December 31, 2003

New Years Eve

Damn, 2003 has been one of the craziest years of my life, for good and for bad.

I head for Pittsburgh tomorrow to celebrate New Years with friends.

Everybody else have a happy New Year if I don't see you! Hope you have somebody to kiss :)

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December 30, 2003

Wine and other anecdotes

Drinking wine is one of the things that I really want to become "good" at, but invariably after every time that I have a wine that I really like, I can never remember the name of it. Therefore I am going to start making a list of wines that I like. I will start by declaring that Bogle Merlot is a good red wine that I really like.

Maybe I will eventually make a separate page dedicated to this project.

On the same topic of beverages, I am also a big fan of green tea, and apparently the Japanese gyokuro is one of the best. I'm going to have to try it.

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December 23, 2003

Passport Application

I put in my passport application this morning at the post office. I had to expedite it (for an extra $60) to make sure that it gets here on time. Hopefully it should be here within two weeks now so I can get my airlline tickets for Britain.

Also tried and failed to get ahold of the movers today. Should be able to get ahold of them after Christmas, though.

Anyway, now that some of these loose ends are getting tied up, I should be able to turn my attention to some of the projects I have before I take off :)

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December 22, 2003


Right now I just really can't believe that school is completely over. The realization has kind of hit me over the past few days since I got home. And it's
Complete lifestyle change, y'know?

It's really wierd thinking that I'm on break now, but I won't have to go back...ever. And that I can't get student prices on things anymore...

Hmmm. I don't know...

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December 20, 2003


The last one is finally in the bag:


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December 14, 2003

The struggle

"To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle.." - George Orwell

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December 13, 2003

Some things don't change much

Some things don't change much in a year, others feel like the whole world is different.

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December 12, 2003


This is Gogo:

Come see her 12:30 PM this Saturday 12/13 at the Great Lakes Science Center (admission is free). Get in touch with me for more details :)

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Christmas List

Christmast list:

  • Anything from my wishlist.
  • Ticket to London :)
  • New cellphone
  • Rechargable batteries and a charger
  • Internal SCSI ribbon

Please don't buy me any gifts :)

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December 04, 2003

Last day of class...

I finished my last day of class....ever (as far as Case goes anyway).

A Tekin test, what a fitting way to end my time here.

I can still remember Walking into Math 2 on that first day freshman year.


If only I were done now. Now it's on to finish off the final few large projects.

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December 02, 2003

The Barbed Wire Comment

Didi: Oh yeah, and we can put little bows on it...


Craig: Actually, I was thinking more like barbed wire, because, y'know, I'm masculine like that.

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