The Parable of Ernie and Bert and the Painting of the Cow Eating Grass

8. Ernie and Bert were at home. Ernie was standing before a blank canvas wearing a smock and a beret and holding a palette and a paintbrush, as though painting. 9. Bert approached Ernie and asked Ernie what he was doing. 10. “I am finishing a painting,” he replied. 11. “But what have you painted? I see nothing,” said Bert. 12. Said Ernie: “It is a picture of a cow eating grass.” 13. “Where is the grass?” asked Bert, pointing at the blank white canvas, 14. to which replied Ernie, “The cow ate it.” 15. “And where is the cow?” asked Bert. To which Ernie replied 16. “Why would the cow hang around if there is no more grass?”

Sesame 6:8–16

-- Steve Koppelman